Inspiring students • Empowering teachers • Engaging parents


At Wheelers Hill Primary School, we recognise that resilience is crucial for students to achieve both social and academic success. To help students become more resilient they need to be explicitly taught practical strategies that promotes positive mental health. Therefore, as a school, we have officially partnered with The Resilience Project to deliver an evidence-based program (following the Victorian Curriculum) - each student receives a learning journal for classroom activities, teachers are provided with extensive resources and undertake high quality professional learning and we involve our parent community through information sessions.


Throughout this program, students explore themes of Empathy, Gratitude, Mindfulness and develop their Emotional Literacy using film, books, stories, drama and other engaging activities. Combined with a whole school restorative practice approach and circle time activities, we are confident that we are giving students every opportunity to develop into resilient young members of our community.


For more information please visit The Resilience Project: or alternatively email