Wheelers Hill Primary School provides a range of learning opportunities for all students and enjoys a well-founded reputation within the community as a socially conscious and caring school with a strong focus on excellence in achievement.

While catering for all ability levels and learning styles, our main focus is on students achieving the best possible learning outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy.  Our Inquiry units of work and our capacity to provide high quality specialist programs offer students the opportunity to experience success.  A wide range of enrichment programs further support the school’s broad curriculum. 

We believe that all students can and will learn and grow in confidence and self-esteem as a result of becoming motivated, self-extending, independent, life-long learners; achieving mastery of the curriculum; acquiring decision making, problem solving and critical thinking skills; working together effectively as part of a team.

Wheelers Hill Primary School enjoys extremely strong community support. Parental involvement in students' education as well as in the maintenance of school facilities is a particular feature of the school.  An active and supportive School Council works cohesively to help the school deliver quality learning opportunities for all students.


Our Aim is:

  • To provide learning experiences, which will challenge, extend and motivate all students to reach their full potential intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically
  • To develop in each student a sense of self-worth, self-understanding and pride in work
  • To encourage and foster self-discipline and a sense of fair play
  • To develop an awareness and tolerance of others’ rights and responsibilities.
  • To develop appropriate social skills
  • To provide skill development and learning opportunities within the framework of the Australian National Curriculum in the areas of:  English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Technology, Health, Physical and Social Education, Languages, The Arts and Information and Communications Technology