Parent Support

Wheelers Hill Primary School's resilience philosophy is based on the latest theories, research and practice of positive growth. The following information provides parents with ways to support their children’s success and happiness while also encouraging them to enjoy their role as parents, including the management of stress.


Specific topics include: Managing Emotions During Tough Situations, Getting It Right from the Start, Highly Effective Positive Parents, Parent Stress and Well-being, Children's Motivation and Success and Happy Flourishing Children.


Groups to support parents with students with special needs

  • Parent Zone - Anglicare


Providing Educational Support

Supporting Your Child in Mathematics

These booklets were produced in the U.K. but still have lots of great, practical ideas for helping your child with Maths at home.

Supporting your child - Foundation Year

Supporting your child - Year 1

Supporting your child - Year 2

Supporting your child - Year 3

Supporting your child - Year 4

Supporting your child - Year 5

Supporting your child - Year 6


Developing Resilience Skills

Promoting Confidence

Please view the following text for find information to assist in developing your child's confidence.

Confident Children

This information is extracted from the You Can Do It program.


A great way for students to learn is through stories and books. The next article provides advice for promoting discussion about characters, and how they have show confidence. We have also included a list of fabulous books that children will enjoy. We're sure that you will have many at home too. The questions will help bring out the discussion after your story sharing session.

Ways to Promote Confidence


Promoting Organisation
View the following text for information to assist in developing your child's organisational skills.

Organisation - Books to read


Promoting Getting Along

Students from Foundation to Year 6 participate in a social skills program aimed at helping your child develop resilience. Find information below to support this program at home.

Getting Along Parent Reference Guide

Ways to Help your Child Get Along

Books are a great way to teach students. Here are a list of books to help students develop the concept of 'getting along'. There are a great set of questions to help you talk about the skills that character displays.

Getting Along Books and Questions


Parenting Websites