As part of the Early Years Literacy Program, parents of students in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 are encouraged to participate in the Classroom Helpers Training Program. Class teachers greatly appreciate parent assistance as an integral aspect of the WHPS partnership, while students also welcome their parents’ involvement as a regular and enjoyable highlight of the school week.


The course is specifically designed to prepare parents to work under the guidance of the classroom teacher in order to support individuals and small groups of students during the literacy block and other learning times. It is assumed that a parent helper will assist in his/her own child’s classroom. The course will mainly cover how children learn to read and write while it also gives examples of resources used in the classroom.


The Training Program consists of four sessions of one hour each, occurring over four weeks during Term 1 and generally taking place in the school library. Childcare for pre-schoolers is available at a minimal cost during training time in the Out of School Hours Care area in the BER building. Parents receive all necessary information about the program at the beginning of the school year.


For more information, please contact Claire Pape on 9561 3457.