At Wheelers Hill Primary School we offer two Languages, French and Mandarin. 

All students have the opportunity to explore and experience both languages and their culture. Each year students study one semester of French and one semester of Mandarin. They receive one hour of language study per week delivered by Madame Lording (French) and Mrs Yu (Mandarin). The language program is well established and taught by fully qualified specialist language teachers.

Language learning focuses on the core elements of:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Cultural context
  • Successful language learning strategies


The French and Mandarin programs are sequential and include significant amounts of the target language (immersion). 


At Wheelers Hill Primary School we believe that learning languages broaden students’ horizons by:

  • Extending their ability to communicate
  • Enriching their knowledge of English
  • Strengthening their understandings of language and culture
  • Developing their intercultural capability
  • Strengthening their intellectual and analytical capability
  • Enhancing their creative and critical thinking