Being a school that takes pride in readying students for a technology-rich society, Wheelers Hill Primary School recognises the importance of teaching children to develop Cyber Smart practices from the minute they begin schooling. As such, we recommend that parents too familiarise themselves with practices that are safe, secure and conducive to a safe online environment. This will ensure that education of cyber safe practices is consistent between school and home life; which is essential for consolidation of understanding and skills.

The school's technology curriculum provides students with a clear, cohesive Cyber Smart education from Foundation Year through to Year 6. When supported by parents/guardians, Wheelers Hill Primary School's technology curriculum achieves optimal results, consistently teaching essential understandings from early childhood.

To famliarise yourself with Cyber Safe education, please refer to the following websites for more information:


Apps & Programs to Look Out For

Please find information on web sites, apps or programs your child might be using that you should be aware of:

For more apps and websites to be wary of, along with explanations, click here.


Understand what your children may exposed to online.