Wheeler Hill Primary School employs quality teachers who have a wealth of specialised knowledge in many aspects of the current curriculum.


School Leaders


Miss Leasyl Richards

Assistant Principal


Mr Michael Ramsey



Mrs Katrina Spicer

Assistant Principal

Prep Teachers

Mrs Wendy Jarvis/Ms Connor 

Prep WJ Classroom Teacher

Mrs Emma Roughton / Mrs Sally Dwyer

Prep DR Classroom Teacher

Miss Madi Gallagher

Prep MG Classroom Teacher

Miss Brooke Gauci

Prep AB Classroom Teacher

Miss Alex Boylan

Prep AB Classroom Teacher

Year 1 Teachers

Miss Melise Gurpinar

1MG Classroom Teacher

Miss Elizabeth Dent

1LD  Classroom Teacher

Mrs Tanja Jansen

1TJ Classroom Teacher

Miss Lexi Smith

1LS Classroom Teacher

Year 2 Teachers

Mrs Joanne Goldie

2JG Classroom Teacher

Miss Sarah Cochrane

2SC Classroom Teacher

Mr Satoshi Okita

2SO Classroom Teacher

Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Megan Peraic

3MP Classroom Teacher

Mrs Anne Wright

3AW Classroom Teacher

Mrs Rosemary Gillespie

RG Classroom Teacher

Year 4 Teachers

Mr John Stewart

4JS Classroom Teacher

Mrs  Sandra Posocco

4SP Classroom Teacher

Mrs Kathryn Watson / Mrs Meagan Baker

4WB Classroom Teacher

Year 5 Teachers


Mr Timothy Lee

5TL Classroom Teacher

Miss Erin Fullerton

Classroom Support Teacher

Miss Sandra Mazzocca

5SM Classroom Teacher

Mr Nathan Stockton/Mrs Michele Wykes

5SW Classroom Teacher

Year 6 Teachers

Mrs Virginia Beshara

6VB Classroom Teacher

Mrs  Kaye Adamson / Mrs Renee Drury

6AD Classroom Teacher

Mr Rafael Fernandez

6RF Classroom Teacher

Specialist Teachers

Mrs Nicole Thompson

Physical Education Specialist


Mrs Wei Yu

Mandarin Specialist


Mr Nathan Stockton

Robotics and S.T.E.M. Specialist

Mr Dan Slater

Music Specialist


Mrs Claire Pape

Art Specialist

Mrs Cathie Lording

French Specialist


Mrs Kathy Orford

Art Specialist

Support Staff

Mrs Lamia Bouazza

Teaching and Integration Aide

Mrs Kathryn Mcpherson

Teaching and Integration Aide & MSL support

Mr Nicholas Roberts

Teaching and Integration Aide

Mrs Jo White


Mr Andrew Sinclair

Technical Support

Mr Justin Simmonds

Department of Education Specialist Technician

Mrs Sarah Gaffney


Mrs Nadia Kypriotis


Mrs Larissa Clarke

Business Manager